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New AKC Rally Signs Class

VHOC - 6-week Rally Class to learn the 44 New AKC Rally signs

Approximate start date August 24, Thursday, 6:30 to 7:30. This will depend on the school construction,

as we will need the shade the building casts onto the field for crate set up.

Novice - 6 new signs plus 5 signs are reworded

Intermediate/Advanced - 5 new signs plus 3 are reworded

Excellent - 5 new signs plus 7 are reworded

Masters - 28 new signs

All signs have been renumbered

If anyone enters a trial in Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, Excellent or Masters after November 1st, these signs will be implemented. Some are easy to pick up, others are a challenge and will need time to train. Once this 6-week class is completed, we will go back to the regular format of class using all of the 111 signs with two signs on each sign holder pole.

Confirm a place in class asap to Laurie Burnam, 818-784-8440 or 818-882-0443 club number

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