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New Year Match

Each year, a group of our members come together on New Year's Day for some training fun. This year, Poochability Dog Training will be holding their monthly match instead on the day after, in hopes of getting more friends and members to join in the fun.

This match will be held is on Saturday January 2, at Louise Park, instead of the tradition of Woodley Park, giving everyone a day to recover from New Years festivities. Come on out and train in a real ring-like setting; food, toys anything needed to help your dog are allowed. Thank you everyone who has come out, entered and/or helped set up, judge, steward and tear down. Can't do it without you, so you are very appreciated.

As always, I need workers, workers, workers, share judging time so everyone has a chance to work their own dogs. Set up at 7:45ish, entries around 9:00, judging to follow. One note on entries, some people come early to help, then get pushed back on the list for ring time. Be fair, if someone has come early let them go first, if someone has not arrived yet, their name should go on the bottom of the list. After the first wave of entries a line is drawn and anyone arriving later, goes in the ring after the first wave finishes their second round.

Louise Park 7140 LOUISE AVE, VAN NUYS 91604, corner of Sherman Way and Louise Ave. If you need any equipment let me know and I will bring it (leashes, ring rope, article bags etc.) but I usually have the armbands, heeling helpers, gloves and tabs on site. I bought all different sizes and styles of cotton gloves, so if you need them let me know, 3 for $5.00. I also bought pink plastic training dumbbells in 3 sizes to start your dog in retrieving, from $5.00 to $12.00.

Thanks, Laurie Burnam

Poochability Dog Training

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