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Nose Work Webinar

VHOC is pleased to present a Nose Work webinar with Michael and Natalie McManus.

“Nose Work Foundation: From Beginner to Summit”

This webinar will cover building, maintaining, and troubleshooting the foundational components of nose work. We often think of Foundation as exclusively a beginner's issue, but advanced nose work is where foundation really comes into play. If, as an advanced team, you discover holes in your foundation, or need to add an additional layer, do you know how to troubleshoot and re-solidify your dog's understanding of these core components?

The 90-minute webinar will be presented live on October 21, 2020 – 6:30 PM (PT) with a Q&A at the end and will be recorded for attendees who would like to review it later. The recorded webinar will also be made available for purchase to those who missed the live presentation.

The cost of the presentation is $40. The recorded version will be available a few days after the live webinar. You will have a month in which to download and save to your library.

About 48 hours after registration you will receive an email with a link to PayPal to make your payment of $40.

Questions? Contact Carole at or Natalie at

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