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June General Meeting

Canine Freestyle Demonstration

VHOC General Meeting - Friday June 15th, 6:30pm

If you’ve been to the CPLC training grounds on a Thursday night, you may have wondered about the music. It’s coming from VHOC’s newest class - Canine Freestyle. This sport incorporates obedience, rally, agility, tricks and dance.

Several of the students in the Monica Nolan's Thursday class are preparing for their first competition which involves choreographing their own dance. We thought you might like to see what they’ve come up with. Dance teams making their debut performances include Shirley Miller and Smudge, Trudy Schoolhouse and Sebastian, and Monica Nolan and Augie. Friday night will also feature a “retirement” dance by Lindia Brown and Tillie.

Afterwards, we’ll open up the dance floor to anyone that wants to give it a spin! Please join us Friday, June 15th at 6:30pm. Dance On!!! Monica Nolan, VHOC Freestyle Instructor

RSVP to Carole Hills, Corresponding Secretary at

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