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New "Drive Building" Nose Work Class

VHOC Members and Friends,

We are very pleased to announce a new K9 Nose Work Class on Tuesdays, 6:30 pm at a private residence in Rancho Cascades (Sylmar North) beginning May 16, 2017. Cost for the 6-week session is $150, payable to VHOC on the first night of class

This "Drive Building" class is for all levels of nose work teams and will focus on building the dog's drive, problem solving ability, motivation and confidence. It is perfect for dogs brand new to the sport or veterans looking for an edge in competition who want to reinforce their foundation. After building the requisite drive and understanding of K9 Scent Work, dogs can move on to the "Patterns & Handling" class which follows at 7:45. Or... teams can do both classes!

Michael McManus and Natalie McManus will be teaching the classes. Both are NACSW Certified Nose Work Instructors and have many years of experience working with dogs. See their bios here.

Space is limited, so reserve your spot today!

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