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Agility Survey

VHOC is considering adding another night of agility with instructor and international competitor Olga Chaiko!!!

If you or someone you know would be interested in participation in a new agility class, please fill out the survey and submit to the designated email address. You do NOT need to be a member to take VHOC classes.

Here is your opportunity to tell us what sorts of skills you would like to have in the class(es) curriculum!

1. What level is your dog? o Beginner (Pre-agility) o Novice/ Starters o Open/ Advanced o Excellent/ Masters/Elite 2. What is the highest level at which you've competed as a handler? o Novice/Starters o Open/Advanced o Excellent/Elite o Masters 3. If we offered this course within the next month or two, how likely is it that you would take it? o Very likely o Somewhat likely o Unlikely (Explain: e.g., Interested but couldn't begin for 6 months) 4. (Optional) What other attributes in a class are you looking for? 5. Other comments:


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