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NEW! Beginning Nose Work Class

VHOC's new Beginning Nose Work class will start on August 11 and there are just 2 spots still open.

The class is held on Tuesday evenings at 7:00 pm at a private location in Sylmar with spacious interiors and fenced in exteriors--providing an ideal training experience for the introduction of K9 Nose Work. Cost for the six-week session is $150, payable in advance to VHOC.

The instructor, Natalie McManus, will teach you and your dog the fun, easy-to-learn search and scenting sport that builds confidence and focus while providing a safe way to keep mentally fit and healthy. Any dog of any age can do Nose Work with no previous training required. If your dog likes treats or toys, they will love Nose Work!

If you and your dog would be interested in getting started, contact Carole at

Don't miss out on this opportunity for you and your best friend!

Carole Hills,

VHOC NW Registrar

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