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Volunteers Needed

VHOC Match

Friday, December 5, 2014

VHOC Agility Trials

Friday, Saturday and Sunday

December 5, 6 and 7, 2014

VHOC Obedience and Rally Trials

Saturday and Sunday

December 6 and 7, 2014

Woodley Park, section 2

Whether or not you are entered in our Trials or Match, we still need your help!

We need judges and possibly stewards for the Obedience Match. If you haven’t done it before and aren’t sure of the rules, what better opportunity to learn than at an actual match?

  • If you’re interested or need a little more information, contact Shiro Torquato at

We also need volunteers for our THREE DAY Agility Trial. Pole setters, leash runners, gate stewards, score sheet runners; there's a job for everyone!

  • If you can help out with our Agility Trial, please contact Nancy Giltner at


Speaking of the Trial, our Hospitality committee is looking for a few extra folks to help organize and buy the goodies for breakfast. It can be bagels, muffins croissants, fruit, hard-boiled eggs, etc., plus we’ll need water, sodas and coffee. The choice is made by the committee, but wouldn’t be anything elaborate.

Nancy Giltner will order the lunches delivered from Robbie Macs in Sherman Oaks, so in addition to setting up the breakfast area, we need two of the same for lunch, one for those entered, and another for the judges and stewards. Nancy has handled Hospitalty for years and will be available to help.

If you’re interested or need a little more information, get in touch with Laurie Burnam, our Obedience Trial Chair at

It’s guaranteed fun, both days!

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